On-Site Blind Cleaning, Inc.
is performed in a mobile    vehicle using state-of-the-art technology all for your    convenience. The mobile vehicle is equipped with all the    items needed to meet your blind cleaning needs on-site.    We come to your residence or commercial business,    remove the blinds from the window, clean, dry and    rehang them.

  Why choose a professional blind cleaning service?
  Convenience, time savings, same day service,
  and revitalization of your metal, cloth, or wood-like blinds.

   Features & Benefits

  • Blinds are a major carrier of germs. Ultrasonic cleaning destroys bacteria, removes pollen, dust and other particles/allergens, which can contribute to many health problems.
  • Blinds are a primary carrier of odors. Professionally cleaned blinds eliminate many home/business odors.
  • Affordable, friendly, reliable service.
  • Alternative to tedious spray and cloth methods available to consumers.
  • Minimal down time without blinds.