About On-Site Blind Cleaning, Inc.  

Founded in Bethany, Oklahoma, On-Site Blind Cleaning, Inc. has
been effectively cleaning window blinds in the Oklahoma City and
surrounding areas since 1989.
  • On-Site Blind Cleaning, Inc. has a mission to responsively
    serve its customers, employees and the environment.
  • On-Site Blind Cleaning, Inc. is committed to continuing
    its solid reputation in blind cleaning.

About Ultrasonic
A Scrubbing method using the latest technologies with ecologically
safe, biodegradable cleaning agents to create the most positive
cleaning force in today's society. Ultrasonic cavitation Ultrasonic is created
  generators which produce
  high frequency electricity, which
  is then converted to mechanical
  energy or sound waves through a
  transducer, which literally makes
  these waves vibrate. As these
g sound waves travel
  through water, microscopic bubbles
form and repeatedly implode upon a  
given surface. This powerful
action lifts contaminates and even microscopic dirt particles in a
matter of seconds, making a dirty mini-blind cleaner than alternative
methods. This ultrasonic cleaning method is extremely effective, fast, safe,
and gentle.